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For some, the mention of the word brings up feelings of anxiety, memories of heartbreak, and even confusion about past relationships.  “What did I do wrong?” is the question that we hear all the time when something that looked at first to be so good ended up being so bad.

There are a thousand dating sites, websites, and social columns advising on dating.  What to say, how to be irresistible, what to do in sticky situations…The trouble with the internet is, there is some great advice, and there is some very bad advice.  The worst is when you’re looking for a simple answer to your question and the personality on the other end of the screen only wants to sell you an e-book to solve all your problems.  But what if there was a better way?

What if, instead of scouring the internet when you have a question about dating and finding answers from strangers, you could belong to a community of like-minded daters?  What if you had ONE PLACE to visit, to talk, to make new friends and even get new dating ideas from?  What if you could ask those questions that are burning in your heart anonymously, and safely get the support and answers you seek?

Now, there is.

Let’s Talk About Dating is for everyone.  We are a community of people who believe in love, who refuse to give up, who want to help others, and who need some help ourselves sometimes.  We uplift, inspire, share, and are kind to one another.  We created this website, this community, to say ENOUGH to the rigmarole of online dating with no explanation, of swiping and deciding someone’s worth in a split second, of putting yourself out there and never getting closure.  We want to help each other succeed in dating, especially by helping to weed out those who truly are not worthy of our time or hearts.  There is so much love that exists in our world, and by supporting each other, we can all live a happier, more fulfilled life.  If you’re wondering where to turn when you’re heartbroken, confused, angry, or sad, we are here for you.  Our chat rooms are safe places to ask your questions anonymously and get support from fellow daters.  Our Library has tons of free resources for daters, our Build-A-Date has conversation starters and date inspiration, and we have much more to come as our community grows.  Join us!

Let’s Talk About Dating is a safe place to come every day, even if you don’t have anything to share.  Your opinions are valuable, and we hope that you chime in and contribute to lots of different discussions.  We also hope that you will use your experiences, understanding, humor, and wisdom to reach out and help others.

Let’s Unite and help one another navigate through this crazy online dating world. Let’s Start Chatting!



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